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World Handicap System (WHS)

New Handicap System.

The World Handicap System comes into effect on November 2nd 2020.

Your new handicap will be known as your Handicap Index - which is worked out relative to a measurement of the average difficulty of golf courses throughout the world. This level of difficulty is then converted into a Slope Rating. The average slope rating of  worldwide courses is 113, our courses have been rated 131, 134 and 135 (yellow, white and red tees respectively) meaning they are more difficult than the average course.

As our courses are more difficult than the average, your new Handicap Index may well be less than your handicap is now. Remember, this is calculated from the best 8 scores from your last 20 qualifying rounds.

When you receive your Handicap Index you will need to do the following things when arriving at any course to work out the handicap you will play off that day.

1. Decide which tees/course you are playing.

2. Find the handicap conversion chart, this will be situated either on the notice board or near the 1st tee.

3. Look at the slope rating on the handicap conversion chart and then find your Course Handicap for the tees from which you will be playing. This will be your handicap for friendly games.

These figures show how some different handicap index levels would look ..

Yellow Lymm                                                     Red Lymm (Ladies)

Course Rating = 69.9                                        Course Rating = 73.4

Slope = 131                                                         Slope = 135

Handicap Index   Course Handicap               Handicap Index    Course Handicap

7.4   to   8.1                       9                               7.2   to   7.9                        9

8.2   to   9.0                      10                              8.0   to   8.7                        10

16.0  to  16.8                    19                              15.5  to  16.3                      19

16.9  to  17.6                    20                              16.4  to  17.1                      20

27.2  to  28.0                    32                              27.3  to  28.0                      33

28.1  to  28.8                    33                              28.1  to  28.8                      34


4. When playing in a competition, you then need to work out your Playing Handicap, as there are special allowances for certain formats.

The Handicap Allowances are:-

Individual - Stableford or Medal                = 95% of your Course Handicap

Two Ball Better Ball Medal or Stableford = 85%

Foursomes                                                   = 50% of your Combined Course Handicaps

Greensomes                                                 = 60% of the lower course handicap +

                                                                        40% of the higher course handicap

Matchplay - Individual                               = 100% of the difference between

                                                                        Course Handicaps

                    Two Ball Better Ball              = 90% from the lowest course handicap

                    Foursomes                             = 50% of the difference

                    Greensomes                           = 60% of the low handicap +

                                                                      40% of the higher handicap

Team events - Best 1 score of 3/4 players = 75% of course handicaps

                       Best 2 scores of 3/4 players = 85% of course handicaps

Whilst these handicap allowances will be introduced from November 2nd, you will be advised by the competitions team when they are required in any qualifying competition.

A daily CSS or now stated as "Playing Conditions Calculation" (PCC) is worked out at midnight each day, rather than at the end of each competition, so all handicap changes will occur over night.

The new system will mean your handicap will change much quicker than previously and be more representative of your current form.

The Handicap Conversion Chart is now displayed outside the Pro's Shop, click here to view a copy.

View Lymm's Course and Slope Rating certificate

All of the background information regarding WHS can be found at the England Golf website.

A Newsletter will also be available from the Club with information and help.

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