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Junior 9S


Formed in 2023 the Junior 9's aims to bridge the gap between Golf Sixes and MCJL. It is a pairs scramble over 9 holes played from the red tees using stableford scoring. 

The 2024 league consists of Mottram (reigning champions), Styal, Ringway, Lymm (Foxes) and Lymm (Cubs).


Sunday 19th May - Mottram 4.00pm (single tee start)

Sunday 2nd June - Ringway - 3.30pm (shotgun start)

Sunday 30th June - Styal - 4.00pm (single tee start)

Monday 15th July - Lymm - 5.30pm (single tee start)

Sunday 29th September - Lymm FINAL - 3pm start (shotgun start)


Mottram Hall Results (19th May, 2024)

1st) Lymm Foxes (64.04)

2nd) Styal (65.19)

3rd) Ringway (72.34)

4th) Lymm Cubs (76.26)

5th) Mottram (78.26)


Pairs texas scramble, medal format

25% of the average course handicap

Handicaps are the course handicap, so if an official WHS handicap apply the slope rating for them.

Handicap range is 18-54

If a player’s handicap drops below 18 during the season they become ineligible for future rounds.

Each team to be submitted to the home organiser no later than 48 hours beforehand, along with the player’s handicaps (course handicap), the home organiser will supply their slope sheet to the others at the start of the season.

‘Local’ handicaps can be used provided that the organisers agree that they are fair and have a measurable method behind them. 

Best 2 scores count, these are added together to give the club’s score. 

If a club is short of players they may borrow players, however only pairings which have a club member will score (you can’t borrow a complete pair and have their scores count)

If a player is on their own they get to take 1 mulligan per hole. If playing a mulligan, they must take the mulligan shot (you can’t take 2 and choose the best!)

Play the ball as it lies, the second player then places their ball within 6 inches of the original ball but not nearer the hole.

Advice for Parents (Courtesy of Mark Johnson at Styal)


This is a medal format, however in order to keep things moving and avoid a NR the following maximum scores apply and once reached the players MUST pick up and record the score:

  • Maximum of 9 on a par 5 (please note that reduced distance holes will be par 4)
  • Maximum of 8 on a par 4
  • Maximum of 7 on a par 3

Record the gross or maximum number of shots on the scorecard (It is recommended the accompanying parents do the scorecards and that they record the score on completion of each hole)

The net score will be worked out by the home Junior Organiser

The team with the combined best 2 lowest net score on the day is the winner (if there is a tie there won’t be a card play-off, instead we will have joint winners)

  • 1st place gets 5 points
  • 2nd pace gets 4 points
  • 3rd place gets 3 points
  • 4th place gets 2 point
  • 5th place gets 1 point

In the event of a tie then combine the points and share them equally, e.g. two teams tie first then each will get 3.5 points.

Local Handicaps

We want to make this a progression towards standard rules/play, however we appreciate that it is not always easy to get official handicaps and that many use a local handicap so that the juniors can play in their own competitions, these can be used in this format. The ethos for Junior 9s is to get juniors progressing through an enjoyable and fair experience, it is not about winning at all costs and as such we rely upon the integrity and fairness of everyone involved. 


Each club to host a competition 

There will be a winning team on the day and an overall winner of the league.

Each pair must have an adult with them, the adult must not give coaching or playing advice and are there for rules, keeping up the pace and safeguarding only. See separate ‘Parent Advice Guide’

Up to 3 pairs per club, ideally you should have a squad of 8-10 players who you rotate.

Please get your team out and do a practice round with them so that they are familiar with the format (parents as well). We want to avoid slow play, you could make this a bit of fun and introduce time penalties or give them a time limit for each hole.

It is recommended that you shorten the longer holes, typically have 350 yds as the max distance (if you do this then the par 5s will become par 4s)

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