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Junior Matchplay

The Junior Matchplay takes the format of a 'Round Robin' group stage with the top 2 from each of the groups going into the semi-final. Points are in brackets.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Kitty Caldwell Billy Slight (0.5) Dominic Duff Fraser Scott-Herron
Sam Berry (1.0) Ollie Dodd (0.5) Abbie Cunningham Haydn Wood
Joel Doubleday (0.0) Elliott Dex (0.5) Finlay Read Nathan Paul
Patrick Duff Matty Griffiths Charlie Denton James Mayne

Josh Cordwell (0.5)
Owen Kershaw


  • Players play against each other within their groups, the top 2 from each group will go through to the knockout stages.
  • Group matches will start from 1st May and need to be completed by 30th June.
  • Quarter finals to be played by the end of July, Semi finals by end of August and the Final is on Sunday 22nd September
  • Boys play from the yellow tees, girls from the reds.
  • In the group stage we will have 'halves' (this is different to last year), so if it is all square after 18 holes each player will get a half point.
  • Maximum playing handicap is 36 (this includes the upwards adjustment of 2 for girls)
  • Matches are played off the yellow card, so use this for the SI to determine where shots are received.
  • Caddies are NOT allowed. Supporters (parents, friends) following a group must stay at a discreet distance at all times & must not give advice or information to a player. Ball spotting & assisting in the search for a lost ball is permitted by spectators.
  • Please message Dave Clarke with the result (this needs to be in the form Andy beat Dave 2&1, not just Andy beat Dave....we will use for/against in case of a tie)
  • Players need to arrange their own matches, please don't leave it to the last minute.

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